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Saturday, October 29, 2016

3.5 Mens/ 4.0 Womens Singles Compass Tournament

11:15 AM - 01:30 PM

East Rockingham High School
250 Eagle Rock Rd
Elkton, VA , 22827

3.5 Mens/ 4.0 Womens Singles - Compass Tournament - 8 Players - $5 per person

What? 3.5 Mens/ 4.0 Womens Singles Compass Tournament Tournament

Where? East Rockingham High School

Cost? $5 per person (pay upon arrival)

Whats does 3.5 Mens/ 4.0 Womens mean? 3.5 Mens/ 4.0 Womens means registration is open to any 3.5 male player or any 4.0 female player. The men and the women will play each other. 3.5 and 4.0 is the NTRP ratings scale and you can learn which one you are by clicking HERE. If you still can't decide reach out to us for help using "More Info Needed" below.

Can a higher NTRP player register? No

Can a lower NTRP player register? Yes. But if a 3.5 male or 4.0 female registers you will be bumped down or off the player list.

How do I register? Its simple... click HERE!

What happens if we have less than 8 players register? We will play a round robin using the same scoring format using the first four 3.5 men/ 4.0 women that signed up. Each player will still get to play 3 sets of no ad scoring.

What happens if we more than 8 players register? We will only take the first eight 3.5 men/ 4.0 women that registered but if we would happen to have 16 players register we would add a second 8 player tournament to be played at Spotswood High School at the same time.

Whats happens in the case of incliment weather? In case of incliment weather the tournament would be canceled with the possibility of a new tournament created on another date. Players would have to go through the registration process all over again.

More Info Needed? Click HERE! or call/text Kirk Comer at 540-742-1323

Format? Compass - 8 Player

What the heck is a "Compass - 8 Player" format??? 

  • Each player will get to play a total of 3 sets of no-ad scoring tennis.
  • Best 7 of 12 point tiebreaker.
  • Players move in different direction(East, West, North West or North East).
  • In our 8 team/player tournaments... everyone will make it to a championship match!
  • More info is here on compass tournaments: USTA Compass Tournaments



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