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2018 X-Team Tennis


The most total X-Team wins for the season wins each group!

Matches outside of your group are still included in the standings for your group.

In cases were teams have the same number of wins at the end of the season. Total matches played will decide the top team in each group.

Group Standings W L
*Jamison Meadows and William Meadows 2 2
Hayle Turner and Annie Vandanna 2 0
Sidney Short and Casey Short 0 3
Chloe Williams and Krystal Foltz 0 0
Group Standings W L
*Annie Good and Brian Pettit 6 1
Larry Cameron and Brandon Houff 4 1
Tyler Carnahan and Grace Pierantoni 4 0
Kirk Comer and Grace Knighton 1 5
Noah Pope and Michael Sy 1 3
Group Standings W L
*Hannah Secrist and Jordan Secrist 3 2
Emma Weber and Ariana Ruvalcaba 2 5
Lillie Zaccaria and Kaylee Dinkel 1 2
Zane Dove and Cole Phillips 1 2


*2018 Group Champions


Challenger Group

This group is for all teams that contacted us after June 15th.
Any X-Teams can contact the teams below to play a match or the Challenger groups teams can contact X-Teams as well.
There is no cost to be in the Challenger group but both players must bring a new can of balls to the match.
The standings in your group will reflect to outcome of the match so contact these teams and get a match scheduled with them! :)
Best to use the Groupme App to contact the teams but if you need to contact them a different way give Kirk or Larry a yell.
Group Standings                                                                   W L
Emma Nesslelrodt and Malena Hoover 0 0

Substitutes (if you wish to be added to this list please let Kirk or Larry know)

(substitutes aren't limited to this list... feel free to contact anyone to play in your place if needed!)

Best to use the Groupme App to contact the players below but if you need to contact them a different way give Kirk or Larry a yell.

House, Mackenzie (Mackenzie is on the groupme page)

Meade, Bill (contact Kirk or Larry for Bill's contact info)



Click HERE to see the full schedule!


8/21/18 Hannah Secrist/Jordan Secrist def Grace Knighton/Kirk Comer 2-1

(Hannah/Jordan 6-3, Hannah 6-4, 2-6 Kirk)

8/14/18 Brandon Houff/Logan ?(sub) def Cole Phillips/Zane Dove 3-0

(Brandon/Logan 6-4, Logan 6-1, Brandon 6-0)

8/9/18 Annie Good/Brian Pettit def Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber 3-0

(Annie/Brian 6-?, Annie 6-?, Brian 6-?)

8/6/18 Annie Good/Brian Pettit def Grace Knighton/Kirk Comer 3-0

(Annie/Brian 6-2, Annie 6-2, Brian 6-1)

8/3/18 Grace Pierantoni/Tyler Carnahan def Noah Pope/Michael Sy 2-1

(Grace/Tyler 6-3, Tyler 6-0, 4-6 Noah)

8/2/18 Larry Cameron/Brandon Houff def Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber 2-1

(Larry/Brandon 6-1, Larry 6-0, 2-6 Ariana)

7/26/18 Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber def Jamison Meadows/William Meadows 3-0

(Ariana/Emma 6-1, Ariana 6-1, Emma 6-Forfeit)

7/26/18 Annie Good/Brian Pettit def Larry Cameron/Brandon Houff 2-1

(Annie/Brian 6-2, Annie 6-1, 4-6 Larry)

7/21/18 Rachael May(sub)/Kirk Comer def Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber 2-1

(Rachael/Kirk 6-1, Kirk 6-0, 1-6 Ariana)

7/20/18 Hannah Secrist/Evan Brandt(sub) def Lillie Zaccaria/Kaylee Dinkel 2-1

(Hannah/Evan 6-?, Hannah 6-?, ?-6 Evan)

7/14/18 Grace Pierantoni/Tyler Carnahan def Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber 3-0

(Grace/Tyler 6-0, Tyler 6-1, Grace 6-2)

7/11/18 Cole Phillips/Zane Dove def Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber 2-1

(Ariana/Emma 6-4, Cole 6-3, Zane 6-1)

7/11/18 Grace Pierantoni/Tyler Carnahan def Hannah Secrist/Jordan Secrist 3-0

(Grace/Tyler 6-1, Tyler 6-0, Grace 6-2)

7/9/18 Annie Good/Brian Pettit def Grace Knighton/Kirk Comer 3-0

(Annie/Brian 6-3, Annie 6-4, Brian 6-0)

7/8/18 Annie Good/Brian Pettit def Hannah Secrist/Jordan Secrist 2-1

(Annie/Brian 6-3, Annie 6-1, 7-7(7-0) Jordan)

7/8/18 Lillie Zaccaria/Kaylee Dinkel def Casey Short/Sidney Short 3-0

(Lillie/Kaylee 6-4, Lillie 6-2, Kaylee 6-0)

7/8/18 Jamison Meadows/William Meadows def Cole Phillips/Zane Dove 2-1

(Jamison/William 7-5, Jamison 6-3, 1-6 Cole)

7/5/18 Larry Cameron/Brandon Houff def Hannah Secrist/Jordan Secrist 2-1

(6-3 Hannah/Jordan, Larry 6-0, Brandon 6-2)

7/5/18 Annie Vandanna/Haylie Turner def Lillie Zaccaria/Kaylee Dinkel 2-1

(Annie/Haylie 6-3, Annie 6-1, 0-6 Kaylee)

7/3/18 Jamison Meadows/William Meadows def Casey Short/Sidney Short

Jamison/William 7-6(7-5), Jamison 6-3, William 6-2

7/3/18 Noah Pope/Michael Sy def Grace Knighton/Krislyn Knighton(sub) 3-0

(Noah/Michael 6-0, Noah 6-0, Michael 6-3)

7/2/18 Larry Cameron/Brandon Houff def Grace Knighton/Bill Meade(sub) 2-1

(Larry/Brandon 6-3, Brandon 6-0, 5-7 Bill)

6/29/18 Jordan Secrist/Seth Constable(sub) def Noah Pope/Michael Sy 2-1

(Jordan/Seth 6-2, Jordan 6-3, 0-6 Noah)

6/26/18 Annie Vandanna/Haylie Turner def Casey Short/Sidney Short 2-1

(Annie/Haylie 6-4, Annie 6-1, 2-6 Casey)

6/25/18 Grace Pierantoni/Tyler Carnahan def Annie Good/Brian Pettit 2-1

(Grace/Tyler 6-4, Tyler 6-1, 0-6 Annie)

6/25/18 Ariana Ruvalcaba/Emma Weber def Jamison Meadows/William Meadows 2-1

(Ariana/Emma 6-4, Emma 6-3, 4-6 William)

6/24/18 Annie Good/Brian Pettit def Noah Pope/Michael Sy 3-0

(Annie/Brian 6-2, Annie 6-1, Brian 6-0)


Rules and information:

Schedule Details:  A date, time and location are scheduled for each match. If you can not play at the scheduled match time, you will need to contact the other team to reschedule. If you can’t get the match in during that week or can’t find a substitute to take your place, simply skip that match and proceed to next week’s match. Some teams are scheduled 2 matches in a week because of schedule conflicts and having an odd number of teams available during a specific week.


Match Details:  Each player will play 1 six game doubles set and 1 six game singles set with traditional scoring. So, whichever team wins 2 out of 3 matches is the winner of the X-Team match. Each player brings an unopened can of balls to the match. The winning players of the X-Team match will take home the 2 new unopened can of balls and the losing players will take home the 2 cans of used balls.

Match Rules:  Matches will follow standard USTA rules. Best 7 out of 12 point tie breaker (first to 7, win by 2) will be used if a match gets to 6-6.  See attached tie breaker instructions.


Substitutions:  It is okay to get a substitute to play for you. It is the player’s responsibility to find the substitute. The substitute will be responsible for bringing an unopened can of balls.


Contact Information:  We will create a GroupMe page with all X-Team players. You will need to download the app to your phone. You will receive an invite to the X-Team GroupMe page. This is an easy way for everyone to communicate without giving away personal information. Please post your match scores on GroupMe so that we know which matches were played.


PVCTA Webpage:  We will post the scores on the PVCTA webpage. You can find it here:


Entry Fee:  For those of you who have not paid, please get your $20 entry fee to Kirk or Larry asap.


Tie-breaker procedure:


The player that first wins seven points by at least a margin of two wins the tie-break and the set. If the game score reaches 6-6, the tie-break is extended until someone wins by a margin of two.


The player whose turn it is to serve will start the tie-break, serving to the deuce court.


The other player will then serve the next two points starting to the ad court. Each player will then serve alternately for two consecutive points always starting to the ad court.


Players change ends of the court every six points and at the conclusion of the tie-break.


The player who started the tie-break as the server will start as the receiver for the next set.